George W. Bush “Unsurprisingly” Defends Global Spying Program PRISM (VIDEO)


George W. Bush in an interview to CNN said that the global surveillance, or as people now like to call it, spying program PRISM was started in order to protect the country.

Like all other U.S. politicians, who are upset with the leak of classified information by news organizations such as The Guardian and the Washington Post, Bush also said that the program was initiated in the name of “national security.”

But then again, one can expect this coming from George Bush who has previously done a lot of things in the name of national security and almost all of them turned out to be absolute disasters.

The “snooping” program codenamed PRISM started under Bush after September 11 attacks in 2001 and was nurtured and nourished under the Obama administration for many years. Though it has been said by many U.S. politicians that the program was necessary and was constitutional, it does, however, undoubtedly go against human rights pertaining to privacy.

But who cares about that as long as the U.S. administration is safeguarding the nation? Who cares if this goes against “international security” as long as it protects “national” security?

Bush also said that he believed the NSA whistleblower was a traitor and damaged national security (by leaking the fact that the U.S. was breaching privacy of almost the entire world! How cruel is that?!)

He appears to be, as he was about the Iraq War and Abu Gharib prison abuse, positive that the snooping program was justified. Just “WOW”.

You can watch George W. Bush’s statement on NSA leaks in the video above.

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