George Zimmerman Questioned Over Gun Threat To Wife

George Zimmerman, acquitted over shooting and killing Trayvon Martin, has been questioned over threatening his soon-to-be ex-wife with a gun.

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The continuing saga of George Zimmerman, the alleged and acquitted killer of Trayvon Martin, continues to enrapture a media desperate for a story on something other than Syria.  Now things have taken a turn for the interesting, boosted by a divorce case:  George Zimmerman had been detained and questioned briefly today, following an altercation with his soon-to-be ex-wife and family, and threatening her with a gun.

The incident happened at the home of David and Machelle Dean's home in Lake Mary, near Sanford, where the Trayvon Martin shooting took place.  The Deans are Shellie Zimmerman's parents, and she is likely staying at their home following her filing for divorce a few days ago.  George Zimmerman traveled to the house and threatened Shellie and her parents, all the while holding on to his gun while in the car. 

At some point, George Zimmerman got out of the car and punched Shellie Zimmerman's father in the nose, according to a 911 call.  George Zimmerman then yanked Shellie's iPad out of her hands and broke it.  Zimmerman then left the scene before being detained by police and questioned for his actions.  After interrogation, George Zimmerman was released from detention with no arrests made at the time.

Shellie Zimmerman and her parents are not responding to media questions, waiting instead for their attorney.  George Zimmerman's attorney from the Trayvon Martin trial, Mark O'Mara, had not comment, either.  Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce shortly after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor perjury charge for lying during George Zimmerman's bail hearing during the Trayvon Martin case.  It remains to be seen if Shellie Zimmerman or her parents will press charges against George Zimmerman, but the case remains under investigation.

What this says about George Zimmerman may be nothing at all though: When the media, intent on following a story until it no longer interests the audience, follows someone somewhat unpredictable like George Zimmerman, is it really any surprise that he suddenly does something like this?  This is not to say George Zimmerman would never have created this situation, but the media's eye no doubt have made a person like him more volatile than he needs to be.

(Media sources:  Reuters, Local 6 Orlando)

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