The Great Escape Of Zoo Animals In Georgia Comes To An End

Georgia police are being accused of unnecessarily shooting zoo animals, posing for photographs with dead lions and tigers.

Rescue workers search in debris at the zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia

A day after deadly flood waters wreaked havoc in Georgia's capital Tbilisi, up to 13 people have been declared dead while 20 others are missing.

The disaster has left dozens of families homeless and damaged the city’s electrical and technical infrastructure. The loss caused by the flood is expected to reach 100 million laris (about $45 million).

The incessant, torrential downpour helped more than 30 animals escape from the city's zoo cages, however, very few of them survived.

Tbilisi Zoo Flood Kills All Lions And Tigers

All Lions, Tigers Accounted for in Tbilisi Zoo Flooding

See the Zoo Animals That Escaped in Georgia

Rescue workers drag a dead bear at the zoo

Zoo Animals Are on the Loose in Tbilisi, Georgia

Apparently, only Begi, the large hippo that was cornered and subdued with a tranquilizer gun, is in good health.

A hippopotamus rests at the zoo in Tbilisi

Zoo keeper feeds Begi, a hippopotamus that escaped the zoo on Sunday, at a zoo in Tbilisi

Begi, a hippopotamus that escaped the zoo on Sunday, is seen at a zoo in Tbilisi

Meanwhile, special police called to the zoo for rescue efforts have been accused of “overreacting” by unnecessarily shooting the escaped animals.

“Some policemen were seen taking selfies alongside the bodies of tigers, lions and other large animals that they had shot, posing like big-game hunters,” the Guardian reports.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” one worker told the newspaper, “It was like a trophy for them.”

Although most animals had been rounded up, several are still at large, according to zoo director Zurab Gurielidze.

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