Nurse Allegedly Killed 178 Patients Just To “Show Off His Resuscitation Skills”

He committed the alleged murders just to play the hero, authorities say.

This man took his passion for “showing off” his talent to a whole new level.

A German nurse identified only as Niels H., 38, reportedly killed at least 30 patients he was supposed care for by deliberately injecting them with a cardiovascular medication.

However, prosecutors believe the count could be as high as 178.

The accused told the police that he committed the murders because “he was bored” and wanted to “show off his resuscitation skills.”

Konstantin Karyofilis, a court-appointed psychiatrist, stated that Niels admitted to injecting seriously ill patients with an overdose of a potentially dangerous medicine so that he could resuscitate them.

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The alleged murderer has worked as a nurse in a retirement home in Germany along with some other hospitals. He is already serving a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence for an attempted murder charge. He was convicted in 2008 after a colleague discovered him giving a patient the wrong dose of medication.

Prosecutors have argued that the man was seeking his colleagues' appreciation and gratitude from patients' family for bringing their loved ones back from the brink of death.

Niels hasn’t spoken on the matter yet, but has admitted killing 30 patients, while claiming that 60 of his other endeavors were indeed successful where he was able to resuscitate the patients.

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