This German Version Of Airbnb Finds Homes For Refugees

In yet another gesture of exemplary hospitality, more and more Germans are signing up for this European version of Airbnb to help refugees.

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There is a new German version of the popular lodging and renting website Airbnb that's receiving an overwhelming response as more and more citizens are offering their homes to people fleeing wars in Africa and the Middle East.

Flüchtlinge Willkommen or Refugees Welcome was created in November 2014 to help connect Germans with refugees looking for a place to live.

The Guardian reports more than 780 Germans have signed up to the Berlin-based website and 26 people have found homes through its services.

Jonas Kakoschke, one of the site’s co-founders, told Al Jazeera that Refugees Welcome provides people a better alternative to mass housing, which further isolates refugees from the German society.

"Mass housing is usually placed far outside the main cities which makes it really hard for the refugees to participate in German society. They are excluded and isolated, usually somewhere in a village or in small cities," he stated.

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Although Refugees Welcome was founded last year, it has recently received an overwhelming response due to the dramatic influx of refugees into Europe.

“We are overwhelmed by people’s readiness to help,” the group told The Guardian. “We are now receiving inquiries from different countries within Europe such as Greece, Portugal and Scotland, but also from Australia and the U.S.

“Everywhere, people are keen to realize this idea in their countries to be able to offer refugees a home.”

Just this week, more than 7,000 refugees – mainly from war-torn areas in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan – were welcomed into Germany as they were ejected from Hungary. The country is expected to take in up to 800,000 people this year while urging other European states to do the same.

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