Here's How Germany Welcomed Refugees Shunned By The World

Amna Shoaib
Germany has shown the entire world that a little humanity could go a long way in averting disaster.

Whilst U.K. has maintained a deafening silence on the issue of refugees, it is Germany, former stronghold of the Nazi party, that has been the most eager to help.

syrian migrants

Germany is expected, according to Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel, to take in around 800,000 migrants. Berlin believes that the number could easily rise to 1 million.

syrian migrants

As the refugees arrived at the German borders, they were greeted with cheers. Volunteers quickly made a beeline for the children, offering them candies, planting kisses on their cheeks. This is in stark contrast with the treatment meted out to refugees in other countries. Only yesterday, riot police in Lesbos, Greece, baton-charged refugees.


On the roads of Germany, the citizens have lined up tables. Water and food is served to the refugees, an act that often descends into chaos.

At the governmental level however, this generosity is not solely motivated by altruism. Germany, with its shrinking population, could benefit greatly from a young, enthusiastic labor force constituent of Syrian refugees.

Whatever the reason, it is this hospitality that may help Germany shed its image as a barbaric country, a relic of the second World War.