Getting Prepped: Britons Are Stockpiling Arms and Food In Fear That The World Will End

This world will come to an end one day… No matter how much you try to escape it, you surely can’t!

This world will come to an end one day… No matter how much you try to escape it, you surely can’t!

But there are people who are preparing for the time when the apocalypse arrives in 2012!There are 'preppers' who are carefully stockpiling food and weapons because they fear the world will end this year in December.

The Mayan calendar forecasts that the world will end in less than a month from now but some Britons are taking this very seriously than the rest.

In UK amidst the hassle of the everyday life, live ‘preppers’ who are cautiously preparing for Armageddon behind closed doors. They don’t want to risk it like the rest of the world! They dread for another dark age, a solar flare or any other natural disasters that can destroy lives and therefore they put in their entire life preparing for the disaster!

Stockpiling Arms

The ‘preppers’ have put together cupboards filled with food with a long shelf life, so in case of any emergency they have food to eat. They are also stock piling petrol, weapons, and even condoms!

Secret remote hideaways, getaway trailers ready to escape in 15 minutes, nuclear and chemical weapon suits and even an inflatable canoe are some of the few important things they have prepared for their safety. .

From former soldiers to a store manager who believes he can save a community of 'like-minded individuals' they are all featuring in a new documentary exclusive to the National Geographic Channel PREPPERS UK: SURVIVING ARMAGEDDON.

Check out its trailer:

Stockpiling Arms

Michael Sanderson, a retired soldier who lives with his wife and two young daughters in Hertfordshire has a trailer ready for them to run away to a secret Welsh hideaway within 15 minutes.

Stockpiling Arms

Mr Sanderson said: “I am preparing for a natural disaster. Bad things do happen, people’s homes do get burned down, there are floods, there are catastrophic events that affect people completely. If you go too late, you’re dead. People say to me ‘why are you a prepper?’ And I’m always baffled by it, because what I say to people is, I don’t understand why you’re not.”

Stockpiling Arms

An American ex-pat, Annie Durbin, who lives in east London, believes she is one of the only woman preppers. 'The specific point that I became interested in prepping was in the summer of 2011, just after the riots. I thought, wow, you know, this is really serious. If this handful of kids can shut down London, you know, what happens if something really major happens?'

Durbin has stored on canned goods and grains which will last three months. She said: 'I think, which I think, should be sufficient, because if the s*** did hit the fan, I would probably not be able to stay here very long anyway. So I think that amount of food is probably about right.'

Another prepper - Royston Upson – a department store manager from Surrey, is preparing for the aftermath of a solar flare. He is not alone! In fact, he has prepared to save a dozen 'like-minded' people from the looming disaster to form a new community. Well, this man doesn’t want to survive it alone at all!

Mr. Upson said, “I am going to make sure that myself and those around me are prepared for anything. It only takes, say, like, an EMP from the sun, with a coronal mass ejection, and it can potentially wipe out all electric grids in the Western world. These are what the Mayan calendar’s all based around; it’s about solar maximus, solar minus. We’re now coming into solar maximus.”

He has a store filled with barrels full of food, including two army field cookers and oil lanterns.

'It’s cost thousands of pounds to get to this point, but I actually will be topping up my food to the point where I have at least two years’worth of food.

Stockpiling Arms

The ‘preppers’ think of it as a form of 'physical insurance' and there are quite a few Britons who are found uploading clips and showing off their kits online.

Few of them are mentioned above and all the rest are featured in PREPPERS UK: SURVIVING ARMAGEDDON which is a National Geographic Channel Exclusive and will hit our television screens on Thursday 29th November at 11pm or Friday 30th November at 8pm.

And now, look at one Youtuberwho says: “Preppers are going to die... unless they wake up.”

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