Giffords Goes Outside For Physical Therapy


U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Thursday continued her dramatic recovery from a gunshot wound to the brain by going outside for physical therapy, one of her principal doctors in Tucson, Arizona, told CNN.

""Today actually, we were glad to say that we were able to take her outside and she was able to do her physical therapy,"" Dr. Peter Rhee told John King.

""We gave her some fresh air and also gave her some sunshine,"" said Rhee, speaking from outside University Medical Center. ""She was able to see the Arizona mountains.""

Behind Rhee, flowers left by well-wishers filled a portion of the hospital lawn.A day before she was to be flown to a Texas hospital, the husband of Giffords, shot in the head less than two weeks ago at a public event, described his wife's progress as ""remarkable.""

Mark Kelly said Thursday he is hopeful the Arizona congresswoman will make a full recovery.

""I've told her that,"" Kelly told reporters at University Medical Center. ""She recognizes it ... she is a fighter like nobody else that I know."" Rhee said a ""team effort"" by the hospital staff has aided Giffords' recovery.

She is able to stand with assistance, but is not yet able to take steps or walk, said Rhee, adding therapists are helping Giffords with ways to express her thoughts and, eventually, speak.