Woman Who Broke Into Giraffe's Enclosure Gets An Unwelcome Surprise

First Wally the giraffe licks Amanda Hall on the face. Then he delivers the knockout punch.

A California woman who climbed into the giraffe exhibit at Henry Vilas Zoo is nursing a sore face and empty wallet. 

Amanda Hall, 24, made it over one fence at the Madison, Wisconsin, zoo when Wally the giraffe decided enough was enough. First he licked her -- then he kicked her, the Associated Press reports.

Wally's face kick sent Hall reeling, but she's lucky it wasn't worse. Giraffes aren't exactly cuddly creatures. At 12 feet tall, Wally is more imposing than most. 

Admission to Henry Vilas Zoo is free, but Hall left with a ticket for $686 for harassing zoo animals. 

Here's why you never want to harass giraffes:

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