Girl Awkwardly Slithers Behind Printer VIDEO

It is one of those moments where you don’t exactly know what to do.

In a video simply titled ‘Awkward Kirstin’ – Kirstin apparently accidentally gets caught behind a fellow student reporter. Now the thing to do would be to calmly go and walk back from where you had come, but awkward Kirstin doesn’t do any of it.

Instead she tries to first looks here and there, exactly as a deer caught in a headlight would, then tries and hide behind the printer. Slowly she moves behind the machine and ends up slithering to the ground while trying to get out of the camera eye. Yep, awkward much?

Awkward Kristin is Kristin Giannas and she has her own blog where she records her more awkward moments on University of Florida’s WUFT TV. You can read more on her blog here.
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