This Touching Photo Of 3 Girls With Cancer Went Viral. Now We Finally Know Their Fate.

Childhood cancer is a scourge. Meet the kids, and a photographer, fighting back with all they have.

This poignant photo of three young girls fighting cancer together hits you in the gut. Bald from chemotherapy, knowing they've faced more than any child should, they still have a quiet strength and playfulness that shines through the photograph. 

Lora Scantling's photo quickly when viral in April when she posted it. And now she's back with an even greater gift: the news that all three girls are in remission.

Scantling tells Yahoo! News that the girl in the center, who was fighting brain cancer, was the last to get the good news. The other two girls had just received word of their remission from kidney cancer and leukemia when the photo came out.

"So of course when they declared her in remission, I cried!" Scantling said. "About a year before that photo was taken, she was so sick that the doctors told her family to prepare for the worst, because there was no way she would make it. She is a very strong girl."

It's easy to feel helpless in the face of child cancer, but Scantling has decided to use her gifts for good. She and a partner work with Ally's House in Oklahoma to photograph children fighting, and often beating, cancer. 



For more photos of these young children in the fight of their lives, visit Once Upon a Memory. For more of Scantling's other photography work, visit her Facebook page

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