Glenn Beck Quits Republican Party Because No One Wants Him

The Republican Party just lost their most ridiculous conservative, and no one cares.

Glenn Beck Quits Republican Party

Once notoriously influential (and downright ridiculous) conservative Glenn Beck announced he is leaving the Republican Party.

“I’ve made my decision — I’m out," Beck said on his radio show Wednesday. "I’m out of the Republican Party. I am not a Republican; I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out.”

The former Fox News host cited the Republicans’ failure to defeat the Affordable Care Act and immigration reform as his reasons for leaving the party.

“Four years ago I was with them," Beck said. "Four years ago I said, ‘Work from the inside, let’s change it, let’s get new guys in there.’"

Beck accused Republicans of “torpedoing the Constitution.”

“They’re taking on people like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and they are torpedoing them. Knowingly. And these guys are standing for the Constitution,” Beck said.

This isn’t the only group Beck has had it with. Last week, Beck threatened to end his membership with the National Rifle Association if they don’t let go of one of their board members, Grover Norquist, who was accused of being connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yet while Beck renounces his allegiance to the conservative leaders, no one seems a bit phased.

Fox News fired Beck when he was unable to draw in his usual three million viewers. Point is his fans got bored of him when he swayed so far right he became a paranoid, religious fanatic instead of a harmless goof. Simply, his antics were no longer entertaining. So it comes as no surprise, really, that the now unpopular host's rejection of Republicans doesn't even step on their toes. 

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