Glenn Beck: The American People Have Just Been Raped (VIDEO)


It appears Glenn Beck will not stop coming up with the most absurd statements one can (or cannot) think of.

The conservative radio host has recently compared the U.S. government with rapists. That’s right, rapists. While trying to have his say over the Internal Service Revenue (IRS) scandal, aka Tea Party scandal, and the Benghazi attacks, Beck went on to saying that the Americans have been raped by the government and will continue with its ‘spying’ projects in Utah while the whole nation will not have much to do about it.

He said, “What is being built in Utah is the largest storage facility ever known to mankind. They are storing all of the information. They have already admitted during the Boston bombings that they collect all emails and file it. Why are you asking the White House for the emails? Who is this security system for? Is it to protect the American people?”

He continued, “What the hell are we doing? What’s wrong with us, America?” You paid for it. You own it. You’re the boss or are they? Why ask for it? Just go into the system that we paid for and you built for for our — quote — protection. You want to find it? Why are you waiting? The more you wait, the more time they have to delete. Go in and get it. You have it.”

And then Glenn Beck made his ridiculous claim, “The American people have just been raped. Why are you asking rapists to hurry up with the swab test?”

Watch Beck’s unnecessarily emotional speech in the video above.

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