Glenn Greenwald On Upcoming NSA Revelations: The World Will Be Shocked (VIDEO)


As if the National Security Agency ‘snooping’ exposé was not shocking enough, Glenn Greenwald, one of the very first journalists to publish secret U.S. intelligence documents, said in a Fox News interview that the world will be shocked after learning about upcoming NSA reports.

You're going to have to wait along with everybody else. I will say that there are vast programs, both domestic and international spying, that the world will be shocked to learn about, that the NSA is engaged in with no democratic accountability and that's what driving our reporting,” said Greenwald.

The Guardian journalist published several NSA spying new reports including the leaked documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden. He has been criticized by many politicians. Republican Peter King, referring to Greenwald in a television interview, demanded punishment for all those who had published stories of leaked classified information.

Glenn Greenwald even wrote about his post-exposé experiences in which he revealed how his reporting against the U.S. administration cost him personally and professionally.

The NSA spying program which was revealed last year has garnered global (and domestic) criticism and condemnation. Countries such as Germany and France are furious over the use of secret spying programs by the U.S. intelligence. The NSA leaker Snowden has left the country since the disclosure of documents and has been seeking political asylum in different countries.

Greenwald also mentioned in the interview that ever since Snowden fled to Hong Kong, both lost contact with each other.

You can watch Glenn Greenwald speaking to Fox News’ Eric Bolling in the video above.

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