Gluttonous Bear Breaks Into Bakery, Eats All Pies Except One

Jessica Renae Buxbaum
A picky bear broke into a Colorado bakery and ate all the pies except the strawberry rhubarb one. The owners believe the animal will be back again.


A rather picky bear broke into a Colorado bakery and ate all of the 24 pies except strawberry rhubarb.

"Cherry and apple was his favorite. He passed over the strawberry rhubarb,” said Kristi Lehnert, owner of the Colorado Cherry Company. “Maybe he wasn’t feeling like a tart pie, I guess.”

According to KDVR, The bear broke through the family-owned bakery’s shop window sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning to feast on pies, sugar and cocoa, and as Lehnert’s daughter complained — the bear left a total mess behind. None of the bear's snacking was recorded on camera, however, given the surveillance cameras are pointed away from the area where the bear devoured the deserts. 


The picky eater left two paw prints on the window, just so everyone could know who the culprit was. The window is now boarded up and the family plans to install more windows soon.

Despite the minimal damage, the family has the mild suspicion, the hungry bear might have another late night hankering for some more pies and be back again.

“We have a feeling he knows it’s here so he’s going to come back,” Lehnert said.

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