Aussie Reality TV Show Contestants Shot At By ISIS In Syria

Reality TV shows and craziness go hand in hand, but this is bizarre even for their insane standards.

One thing no sane person would willfully do is be anywhere close to the terrorist group Islamic State. But then not all folks on reality TV shows are of sound mind – because why else would you take your crew near the ISIS territory.

Yes, the actual ISIS group of the decapitation fame.

This happened when the Australian show Go Back Where You Came From – which in essence is a show against immigrants – took its contestants to Syria to document the lives of asylum seekers in their actual homeland.

While on their way to a refugee camp, the group came within half a mile of the battlefield and came under heavy fire from none other than ISIS terrorists themselves.

"When we crossed the border from Iraq into Syria, I kind of thought we would maybe go to a refugee camp near the border, meet some families, but once we crossed the border we drove for like four hours and it kind of dawned on me we were going to an active war zone," show participant Nicole later told

"We drove closer to them, through an abandoned school that ISIS had been through, full of bullet holes and everything and they started firing at us again. It wasn’t until days later I actually realized, there are people being killed here and we were there actively engaging in war with ISIS; we could have been killed."

Maybe it's no surprise it took days for Nicole to realize Syrians are being killed at dizzying rates – after all she's on a reality show where most of the participants are anti-immigration activists who want asylum seekers thrown kicked out of Australia so their culture can be saved from any further contamination.

Having witnessed firsthand what the Syrian public is going through, a contestant said that she would've joined the Kurdish Peshmerga if it wasn't for her family back home. But knowing the group's lack of compassion on the immigration issue, it was clear that her gesture was hollow and only to made to look good on TV.

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