GOP Compares Poor To Animals, Is Sorry You Missed The Point

Show a complete lack of compassion for the disadvantaged? Check. Dehumanize them? Check. Offer insincere apology? Just another day in the life of the Oklahoma GOP.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Republican Party posted a rather ill-advised message on their Facebook. In it, they contrasted the logic behind the Food Stamp Program to the National Park Service’s famous warning, “please don’t feed the animals.”

Oklahoma Republican Party

In effect, the Oklahoma GOP is likening the poor to wild animals, which you might note is dehumanizing, infantilizing, and downright offensive.

The rationale behind this, the post claims, is that animals grow “dependent on handouts and [do] not learn to take care of themselves.” Which isn’t actually the case at all. Artificially-fed wildlife tends to grow more aggressive, wandering beyond its habitats into areas inhabited by people, in search of ready meals.

So unless the GOP is suggesting that food stamps will cause the poor to wander past their “designated” areas and attack people, their analogy is rather lacking.

Food Stamp Program

Sadly, that’s probably not too far from the truth. People opposed to living near homeless shelters or soup kitchens, or having such built in their localities, are spurred by a desire to “keep the homeless” out of their landscape. You only have to look at how the police are tasked with dispatching the homeless from urban and suburban areas to see this is the case.


Needless to say, people are fuming.

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The Oklahoma GOP, however, isn’t interested in analyzing the prejudices behind their throwaway statements.

Oklahoma GOP, Randy Brogdon

Party chairman Randy Brogdon posted a fauxpology, insisting that the post was “misinterpreted.” Then he attempts to explain what he really meant, for those of us too slow to comprehend the nuances of his message.

Last night, there was a post on our OKGOP Facebook page, and it was misinterpreted by many. I offer my apologies for...

Posted by Oklahoma Republican Party on  Tuesday, July 14, 2015

i.e. “sorry not sorry.”

Gawker writer Hudson Hongo puts it perfectly:

“Randy’s intended message is now clear: The needy should be out there foraging for their meals in our nation’s parks, just as God and Ronald Reagan intended.”

Oh, GOP. Doesn’t your jaw get sore from all that foot-in-mouth?

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