Gordon Brown Offers End-Of-Life Care "Guarentees"

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised reforms to take the financial worry out of old age.

All cancer patients are to be offered free one-to-one care in their homes from a personal nurse under Labour plans.

A nurse measures a patient's blood pressure


The proposals, which will affect 1.6 million people who have or have had the disease, are to be unveiled by Gordon Brown on Monday as part of Labour's general election manifesto.

The plans are being described as a move to "personalise" public services.

In a speech to the King's Fund, the Prime Minister will say that within the next five years he wants to ensure every cancer patient has access to home treatment and advice from a specialist nurse.


 The move would be part of a wider drive to reform community healthcare, giving people the option of chemotherapy and dialysis without having to travel to a clinic or hospital.

Officials believe the shift in approach could save the Government £2.7bn a year by improving the management of patients with long-term conditions, reducing hospital admissions and emergency incidents.

Gordon Brown

In his latest Downing Street podcast, Mr Brown highlighted the Government's pledge to guarantee free care for almost 280,000 older and disabled people with critical needs.

"It's not fair that so many people already struggling with the loss of independence...are faced with the prospect of running down their savings or selling their homes to fund their care," he said.

"Or that those seeing their parents and grandparents suffering from conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia not only have to watch as their dignity fades, but have the heartbreak made worse by the costs of getting support.

"So I am proud that we are about to bring forward a new system of social care that will directly benefit many families of middle Britain."

The service - for people needing help eating, washing and dressing - is currently means-tested.

But ministers say they want to guarantee free care for almost 280,000 older and disabled people with critical needs.

And 130,000 others who require care for the first time would receive approximately six weeks' free support to regain independence under the plans.

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