Gorilla Holds Onto Her Baby A Week After It Dies

The pain of losing a child is absolutely unbearable and this gorilla goes to prove just that in these heart-wrenching photos.

A gorilla named Shira at the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany just experienced a painful loss that apparently cuts across all species. Her little daughter died but she is not ready to accept the sad fact, and still shakes her every now and then in hopes of bringing her back to life.

The distraught mother is seen putting her baby to sleep on her stomach at nights, and waking up confused when the child shows no movement. She has also been frantically pacing the zoo with a look of grief stretched across her face.

Gorilla Shira

Gorilla with baby


Gorilla Shira and baby

Gorilla Shira

The director of the zoo, Manfred Niekisch said, “Last Thursday she was OK in the morning but in the afternoon she suddenly and without warning died. We have as yet no idea what caused it.”

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The zookeepers hope take the baby for a necropsy once the gorilla lets go of it.

According to Niekisch, the bond between mother and child gorillas is extremely close, which explains why Shira is having trouble letting go of her child.

This is the second time Shira has lost a baby, as her 6-month-old son Tandu died last year.

This video below shows the happy moments the mother and child had together when it was alive.

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