Government Garage Sale

Want to pay for stuff you've already paid for with your taxes? We have the website for you.

The military is selling you stuff you’ve already paid for. Check out a site called, described as a Government Liquidation (GL) service. This is where 5 billion dollars of stuff your taxes pay for ends up.

The site is a virtual marketplace chock full of surplus and scrap assets of the Department of Defense. Looking for goodies like aircraft parts, laboratory equipment, trucks or construction materials? You've found the place. With over 4.2 million completed transactions across 500 categories, GL is a garage sale specializing in "surplus and idle inventories".

GL boasts more than 7,000+ clients, including retailers, manufacturers and government agencies. Wait a minute...the government is selling to the government? That profit and loss statement must be confusing.

So if you need 100,000 lbs of aluminum or a 28 foot Coast Guard Auxiliary Boat, check it out. Your taxes already paid for it, now you can buy it again.

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