Syria Is Paying Its Employees, Even In The Middle Of A Civil War. What's America's Excuse, Again?

While the federal government has trouble paying its employees, Syria has no trouble paying its employees during a civil war. No big deal.

Syrian Civil War Battle

Syria may be in the midst of a brutal, drawn out civil war, but it is still able to pay its government employees. What is America's excuse, again? (Image Source: Reuters)

Among the bigger problems causing trouble in the federal government shutdown is the matter of paying employees.  "Excepted" or essential federal workers are expecting a furlough, and/or delays in their paycheck.  "Non-excepted" or non-essential government employees are simply not being paid at all, and members of Congress are considering not giving them back pay, on the grounds that they should not be paid for not working (even though that is not their fault).  These employees are getting little aid, save some help from local businesses.  But you know who is paying their government employees right now?  The Syrian government, led by Bashar al-Assad, in the midst of the Syrian Civil War.  You can see there being problems here.

But yes, that is correct:  The Syrian regime, which is fighting a civil war on several fronts in its own country, is still managing to pay the bills somehow, and pay its (probably frightened) employees their salaries.  There is no records that we know of concerning loans from Syrian allies Russia and Iran, or even loans from China.  How the Syrian government is able to pay their bills, especially given the Syrian pound's inflation to more than triple its exchange rate since the start of the Syrian civil war, is unclear.  But they are being paid, and the workers are getting their salaries.

This is not to support the Syrian government in any way, shape, or form.  In fact, we are pointing this out to note the massive level of stupidity that the lack of a functioning government due to politics presents us.  If a bloodthirsty, totalitarian regime such as Syria's is still able to pay their workers their assigned wages during a war threatening its own existence, while a Western democracy such as America's cannot pay their workers during a political crisis caused by bombast and insolence, what does that tell us?  What is America's excuse, really?

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