It’s Official: Bobby Jindal Is The New Face Of Bigotry

Why so much hate, Jindal? If there’s anything worse than Fox News’ blatant bigotry, it is Bobby Jindal’s blatant bigotry and we’ll tell you why.

Governor Bobby Jindal

While Fox News channel formally apologized for airing false reports about non-existent “Muslim no-go areas” in Europe, following the terror attacks in France, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal remained shamelessly unapologetic for hinting the same hypothetical zones might soon appear in the United States.

Not only that, he recently “warned of an impending Muslim 'invasion' of the U.S.,” during a radio interview with the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch.

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After repeating his comments about the fictional “no-go zones,” in which, according to Jindal, Muslims are trying to impose Sharia law, he said:

“If you don’t want to be an American, don’t come to America… If we’re not careful the same no-go zones you’re seeing now in Europe will come to America.”

“They want to use our freedoms to undermine that freedom in the first place,” he added. “This is a place where you have freedom of self-determination, freedom of religious liberty, freedom of speech. This is an amazing place and we’re a majority Christian country. We’re a Judeo-Christian heritage, but we don’t discriminate against those that have no beliefs and or have different beliefs.”

Ironically, Jindal, who seemed most concerned about people’s freedoms during his rant, recently endorsed a federal constitutional amendment to redefine marriage to be opposite-sex only.

Also, he has been quite vocal about his stance against Muslims immigrating to the U.S. but it’s interesting to note that Jindal himself belongs to an Indian immigrant family.

Maybe U.S. Congressman Joe Crowley was right when he said that Jindal is perhaps suffering from an "identity crisis.” Or maybe he is just a bigot in denial.

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