Graphic Footage Shows Unarmed Protester Being Shot By Military In Egypt (Video)


A disturbing footage from Friday’s face-off between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, shows an unarmed man with his hands up in the air being shot repeatedly by the security forces.

The footage uploaded to YouTube with the caption: "The army shoots on peaceful protesters in Ismailyia”, features protestors marching towards the tanks with their hands up in the air.

In the mid of the footage, gunfire is heard and the protesters are seen running for cover, however, one of them remains standing directly in front of a tank with his arms raised.

Within a few seconds, it appears that he was hit by a bullet and then he was apparently shot again.

David Clinch, the executive editor of news agency Storyful, confirmed that his team had verified that the video was from Ismailiya, a city in northeastern Egypt.

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