Greek anger Over Austerity Measures Spills On To Athens Streets

Popular anger over economic austerity measures in Greece exploded on to the streets as striking workers brought the debt-stricken country to a halt and militant seamen stopped holidaymakers from boarding island ferries. The stand-off, which saw thousands of bewildered tourists being stranded at the port of Piraeus, follows mounting tension between unions and George Papandreou's socialist government. In an electric atmosphere, about 20,000 protesters marched through the capital to denounce the IMF-sponsored fiscal programme Papandreou has vowed to enact in exchange for €110bn (£89bn) of emergency loans, the biggest bailout in history. Athens' debt exceeds €310bn, by far the largest in the European Union. "Capitalists, not workers, should pay for the crisis," the demonstrators chanted as riot police clashed with a minority of self-styled anarchists also attending the rally. "IMF – get out of Greece." The protests, which despite a lower than usual turnout attributed by unionists to the su