Greenpeace Aims To Snap Lego Back To Reality With A Dark Oil Video

Greenpeace’s newest video shows a chilling portrayal of Lego and Shell’s recent partnership.

The video shows a wonderful Lego model of the arctic area with snow wolves, polar bears, children playing and man fishing- a perfect, peaceful world. To add to the serenity and happiness, “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego movie is the track playing through this.

But gradually, the peace is shattered by an outside presence of Shell’s drilling rigs and tankers.

The video gets murky right there as the dark, black blotch of oil starts to spread and within seconds engulfs the entire area drowning the beautiful snow wolves, and taking down little children crying who are clutching onto their toys. Even Santa and his elf are not spared. In the end, a sole polar bear left behind is seen climbing towards higher ground but it too gets covered by oil. The entire scene transforms into just another oil spill with Shell’s flag being the only thing visible.

Greenpeace, an environmental NGO wants Shell’s partnership with Lego to end because the petroleum giant is responsible for incurring great damage to earth through its oil rigging. Through this collaboration, Shell can portray its positive image because Lego is associated with children.

Greenpeace explicated in its petition, “Lego is one of the most beloved and admired toy companies in the world, and Shell knows that this deal will not only increase profits, but also improve the reputation of a company known for recklessly threatening the fragile arctic ecosystem.”

A thought-provoking video indeed, Lego’s sponsorship deal with Shell needs to be revoked ASAP.

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