Palestinian Reporter Goes Back On Air After Being Hit With A Grenade

The Twittersphere has deemed a brave Palestinian reporter a hero for returning to work immediately after being struck in the face with a stun grenade.

Palestinian TV journalist, Hana Mahameed, bravely went back on air just hours after being struck in the face by a stun grenade while she was reporting from East Jerusalem on Sunday.

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The grenade was discharged by Israeli police as a means to disperse rioters. Mahameed was caught in the crossfire as she reported on the shooting of a 19-year-old Palestinian teen — the incident that led to a surge of Palestinian-Israeli clashes and the protests that were taking place. 

Mahameed is being hailed a hero on social media for courageously returning to work with half of her face bandaged and still visibly in serious pain. 

In the video of the incident, Mahameed can be heard screaming and seen grabbing her face in agony while a group of men come to her aid and remove her bullet-proof vest to taker her to get help.

Please be advised the video below contains graphic content

"She has holes in her face and neck" and was told to recover before returning to work, Mahameed's colleague, Raed Sobies,  reportedly told the Independent.

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Mahameed’s return to work right after being wounded was unquestionably a show of tremendous resilience. The Twittersphere didn’t waste any time giving credit where it was due and praising her strength. 

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