Guatemala s President Accused of Murder

Thousands of people take to the streets of the Guatemalan capital demanding President Alvaro Coloms resignation. Their protests come after prominent lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg was murdered. He was killed in an upscale suburb of Guatemala City on Sunday. This video footage and a written statement emerged after his death.   In the film, Rosenberg says Colom will order a hit man to kill him. [Rodrigo Rosenberg, Murdered Lawyer]: "If you are seeing this message it means I have been murdered by President Alvaro Colom with the help of Don Gustavo Alejos and Mr. Gregorio Valdez." He also accuses the president and those around him of being involved in a money laundering scheme. [Rodrigo Rosenberg, Murdered Lawyer]: "The reason I am dead and the reason why you are seeing this message is only and exclusively because during my final moments I was the lawyer of Mr. Khalil Musa and of his daughter Marjorie Musa, who were cowardly murdered by President Alvaro Colom with the knowledge of his wife Sand