Guess What Quran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Is Doing Now?

Turns out, trying to make a living burning holy scriptures did not fare so well.

quran burning pastor terry jones

Remember Terry Jones, the infamous pastor who made it to Al-Qaeeda’s hit list due to his mosque-protesting and Quran-burning escapades? He now works the French fry stand at a mall in Florida.

Pastor Jones, who has been making headlines since 2010 for his multiple attempts to burn holy scriptures, has been roundly criticized worldwide, from President Obama to Iran. But now, he’s just trying to manage his French fry business.

According to reports, Reverend Terry Jones opened Fry Guys Gourmet Fries in the food court at the DeSoto Square mall in Florida. He hopes to turn this into a national food chain.

Not unlike his views against radical Islam, the slogan of his business is “we take fries seriously.” He and his two brothers are the faces of the business.

It’s not really that surprising that he’s come to this. Just last year he was arrested for trying to burn the Quran, yet again – and he’s been denied entry by both the Canadians and the British.

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Jones moved away from Gainesville because he found it to be a terrible place that was too liberal. He is hopeful that leading a normal life – despite a bounty for his death worth millions hanging over his head – will be a symbol of hope.

"I hope that it's somewhat of an asset," Jones said in reference to his baggage, "for people that are tired of what is going on and want to speak out, and want to believe that someone will stand up, and take a chance, and speak out. People can support us by coming out to eat."

As a pastor, he wishes all Muslims would convert to Christianity. But as an American, he feels that Muslims who reside in the U.S. “must honor and obey the Constitution, and not try to institute sharia law, which they often try to do."

Jones says that while he does not live in fear, he remains cautious and always moves around with a gun. He pointed out that the guys with Al-Qaeda “mean business” given the recent attacks in Paris.

Who knew this was even possible? It turns out people who try to fight extremism with another form of extremism can fall into the American dream – all that’s needed is a recipe for freedom fries.

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