In The US, Guns Kill Just As Much As People Do

Gun licensing provoking youngsters towards violence

“Guns don't kill people, people kill people,” is the mantra of gun enthusiasts. However, firearms are the easiest method for people to kill each other. 

Recently, a school administration literally nipped it in the bud when a 10-year- old student was suspended for 10 days for carrying a squirt gun, which was termed as ‘disruptive’. 

For a good number of people, this incident would just be something to laugh off because the toy could not cause any physical harm, but can that be a justification for exposing kids to firearms replicas or even actual firearms in most cases?

In recent years, USA has been home to horrific mass murders.

Fort Hood, Newtown, a Connecticut Elementary School and even a Sikh temple are just few of the locations targeted by trigger-happy maniacs.

These brutal massacres sparked a heated debate on the legalization and licensing of firearms. Many voted for the ban, but a strong opposition lobbied in favor of it.

The ironic bit is the fact that the country’s Second Amendment also secures their right to not only “keep” arms but also to “bear” them. That surely can account for the 30,000 murders caused by firearms each year in the US.

So, what could possibly go wrong with an estimated 283 million carrying licensed guns in the name of self-defense? 

Stats revealed that 28 of the shootings at schools involved under- aged shooters.

That’s really not surprising because one can’t expect a kid to resist the charm of handling and firing a gun, particularly when the adults of the house are flaunting their arsenal.

The result is apparent in the form of young psychopathic shooters, who cold-heartedly murder without an ounce of regret.

To the ones blaming it on the media, we hate to break it to you that countries producing the most violent movies and even video games have a much lower rate of gun murders.

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