Gun Lobbyist Shoots Down Elephant In NRA-Sponsored NBC Sports Show VIDEO


National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is facing a lot of criticism for airing an episode in which a bull elephant is shot in the face by Tony Makris. Tony is a lobbyist for National Rifle Association (NRA), a non-profit organization that promotes firearm ownership.

In a recent episode ‘Under Wild Skies,’ a hunting/safari program which is sponsored by the NRA, Makris tracked an elephant and shot it "between the eyes." Later, he and his guide drank champagne to celebrate the kill.

The act sparked outrage and NBC is facing severe backlash over airing the episode. People are demanding the channel to discontinue the program which is hosted by the gun lobbyist.

A petition entitled, ‘Tell NBC Sports to Cancel "Under Wild Skies”’ was launched this week. It says:

NBC Sports, this has nothing to do with "sport" of any kind. Cancel this show and end all association with the coward Tony Makris. Make a contribution to an organization that works for conservation of African wildlife.”

Another campaign with the same request to NBC was posted online. As of now, 23,788 people have joined the cause.

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According to an article by The Australian, Markis’ hunt in Botswana was legal.

Controlled big game hunting still goes on in Africa and many reserves are set up by governments, who use money paid by rich safari hunters to fund broader conservation efforts. Elephant numbers in Botswana, however, have declined so greatly that a ban on hunting has been legislated. That ban won't come into force until next year.”

People, however, do not care if the hunt was legal or not.  Here are some reactions from Twitter:





What are your views over the episode? Do you think the show shouldn’t be allowed to continue? You can share your opinion in the comments section below.

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