"Obama Bin Laden" Gun Shop Dummy Is No Mistake

The gun shop owner sees nothing wrong with comparing Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden in a ridiculous window prop.

At a gun shop in Utah, there is a target dummy displayed for passersby to see. The dummy bears an uncanny resemblance to both President Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden, and it's not accident. The description reads: "Obama Bin Laden. The biggest terrorist this country has ever seen."

The dummy's mastermind is a certain Patrick Meinhart, who is making a rather bizarre political statement in displaying the prop at his shop, Quantum Guns. In the spirit of the freedom of speech, the owner openly criticizes the president for being unable to put a stop to threats of Islamic terrorism and the spread of Ebola. He also isn’t a fan of the Obama administration’s stance on gun laws.

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Surprisingly though, the dummy has not attracted as much negative attention as much as curiosity and perhaps even amusement. The owner said that while no one has complained, he has noticed that a few more people have been taking pictures of the dummy. 

The dummy has been on display since June and Meinhard adds, “Some people probably say that I’m racist, but it’s got nothing to do with that. It’s that he’s not doing what he was elected to do.”

The dummy stands as a rather harmless symbol, and so far nothing bad has come of it. But should a gun shop in America really be putting up a dummy of the most famous terrorist in the world and comparing it to the American president? 

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