Gunman Raoul Moat Shoots Himself Dead

"Gunman Raoul Moat has killed himself bringing an end to a week-long police manhunt. The 37-year-old blasted himself in the head after being surrounded by armed police on Friday evening. It followed a tense six-hour stand-off sparked when he was spotted on the riverbank in Rothbury, Northumbria. An eyewitness reported that the tense siege came to a climax when police surrounded the former nightclub doorman and jumped on him. A single gunshot was heard before the stricken fugitive, who has evaded a frantic hunt for a week, was taken by ambulance to Newcastle General Hospital. On arrival he was seen being taken from the ambulance on a stretcher with a blanket covering his head. It is believed he was pronounced dead on arrival. Susan Ballantyne, whose house overlooks the scene of the stand-off, said police had crowded around Moat and pounced. Another witness, who lives near the river bank where Moat was holed-up, said he heard him telling negotiators: ""Nobody cares about me."" Moat's death brings to an end a huge manhunt involving police officers from 15 forces, Scotland Yard sharpshooters and armoured 4x4 cars."