Gunmen Hold Hostages In Pakistan Army Headquarters

"RAWALPINDI, Pakistan – Militants were holding around a dozen soldiers hostage inside Pakistans army headquarters Sunday more than 16 hours after storming the complex in a show of strength ahead of an expected offensive on their stronghold along the Afghan border. Six soldiers, including two ranking officers, and four militants were killed in the attack by heavily armed assailants who wore military uniforms and drove up to the front gate of the heavily fortified complex close to the capital in a white van before bundling out, opening fire and hurling grenades. The government said the assault on the headquarters, which followed a bloody market bombing and a suicide blast at a U.N. aid agency in the past week, had strengthened its resolve to push into South Waziristan — a mountainous region home to al-Qaida leaders where security forces have been beaten back by insurgents after suffering heavy losses."