This Guy Looks Chill Even With A Metal Rod Sticking Out Of His Head

Perhaps his calm saved his life. When a man with a metal rod sticking out of his head walked into a service station in Katikati, New Zealand, the customers and the store owner thought it was a prank.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The CCTV footage obtained by the police shows a man, who is not yet identified, calmly standing in the shop with blood trickling down his face while he has a metal rod protruding from his head.

The police claim that the 23-year-old was assaulted on a suburban street a few blocks away, where the attackers allegedly punched him before hitting him with a rod which got stuck in his head. The victim drove four blocks to get to the service station in that condition.

An eye witness Dylan Shea initially thought it was a drumstick, but upon further inquiry from the victim, he realized that it was indeed a metallic rod.

"The sharp part of the tire iron was in his temple," he said. "He's real lucky, lucky that it didn't go any deeper."

Instead of freaking out, like most would do in such situation, the man calmly asked the store staff to call police. He also told an eye witness that he knew basic first-aid, and he knew what had gone wrong, which is why he hadn’t tried to remove the rod himself.

The man was later taken to a local hospital where the rod was safely removed. He is reported to be in a serious, yet stable condition.

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