Guys, I Think Victoria Jackson Is Unhappy About The Election

Former Saturday Night Live star Victoria Jackson vented her anger and frustration over Barack Obama's reelection over twitter.

Did you spend last night sobbing in rage over other members of your religion and in sorrow over the death of your country? No? Then congratulations! You had a better night than Victoria Jackson!

The former SNL comedianne tweeted out her reaction to the election. It seems she was hoping for a different result.

Then she put those two thoughts together. The result? Alchemy!

She didn't just leave it there, however. She then gave a stirring analysis of what exactly happened on election night.

Simple as that folks. Republicans = good. Democrats = evil. Glad to have that cleared up. But wait! Twist ending! It was the Christians' fault all along!

To all of those who were disappointed by last night's result, please rest assured that someone had a worse night than you.

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