Hackers Wage a Digital War for WikiLeaks: Mastercard and Visa Shut Down and Credit Card Numbers Leaked

This is it! The internet wars have started and Julian Assange and Wikileaks is at the front of it! Check back here on Carbonated.TV to watch as more news and events develop

The Tech War has commenced!

Anonymous, the hacker group supporting WikiLeaks, announced on their twitter that they had brought down mastercard.com.

For a brief period the site seem to have been back on, then Anonymous tweeted that they had in fact brought it down.

Business Insider published that on their end, Mastercard.com is down.

The Australian published Julian Assange’s Don’t shoot the Messenger essay.

Is an InfoWar upon us?

Get the updates on the situation as they happen below:


 UPDATE 20: PC Magazine reports that FB says they have no plan to remove Wikileaks

 UPDATE 19: Anonymous release ANON OPS manifesto!!

UPDATE 18: Twitter explains why #wikileaks isn't trending!

Update 17: Twitter has just suspended Anonymous's account @Anon_Operation. This account acted as the group's main outlet on social networking sites, especially since Facebook banned their page earlier today

Update 16: Anon_Operation just tweeted: "To people of the industrial world, dismiss your #Mastercard now!!!#ddos #payback Leaked Credit Cards" with a link to a page with a giant list of what looks like credit card numbers and expiration dates.


Update 15: Anonymous claims Facebook bans Operation Payback page due to terms of service violation:

Update 14: Anonymous shuts down Visa.com. The group tweeted: "

IT'S DOWN! KEEP FIRING!!!" - @anonops

Update 13: Experts believe Assange's "Poison Pill" file (a.k.a. Doomsday Files or Insurance) is impossible to stop. This file is planned to be released if Assange is ever jailed, if he dies, or if WikiLeaks is destroyed.

UPDATE 12: The group Anonymous announced earlier this week "Operation: Avenge Assange" which is targeted at "entities involved in censoring [WikiLeaks'] information."

UPDATE 11: WikiLeaks threaten to sue Mastercard/PayPal

UPDATE 10: BBC reports that PayPal says US advised it to stop WikiLeaks payments!

UPDATE 9: Catch the latest News Bites to get your cablegate updates!

UPDATE 8: NYTIMES blog: Operation: Payback sometimes attribute their actions to an umbrella group on Internet activists called “Anonymous.”

UPDATE 7: There are currently 1241 mirrors available for the WikiLeaks site!

UPDATE 6: Mastercard website is still down.

UPDATE 5: Business Insider reports that "Bank of America sets up Legal Swat team to combat Wikileaks in case it is the target."

UPDATE 4: BBC reports that "Anonymous is a loose-knit group of hacktivists, with links to the notorious message board 4chan."

UPDATE 3: Techcrunch reports that 4Chan has successfully taken down the Mastercard Site.

UPDATE 2: Site down.

UPDATE 1: Mastercard seem to be able to fight it off, as the site is sluggish.

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