Hagel Block Has Joe Scarborough In Fits: "Is That How Small We've Become?"

Joe Scarborough tore into his fellow Republicans on Morning Joe for leaving the Defense Department without a Secretary of Defense after Republicans blocked an up-or-down vote on Chuck Hagel.

Joe Scarboroughwas less than pleased with his fellow Republicans over their delay tactics on installing Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. He gave a sarcasm-laden tirade over Republican intransigence.

"For the 66,000 troops serving in Afghanistan, and for all of their families, I’m sure they are glad to know that we don’t have a Secretary of Defense in place, and we’re not going to because of a seven year-old political grudge…. Is that how small we’ve become?”

Scarborough’s outrage over the Hagel filibuster is warranted, but also full of fake naiveté. Congress has been this narrow-minded for a while now, and the delay in Hagel’s confirmation is just the most recent example. However, as President Obama pointed out, using Hagel as a political football is nearly unprecedented:

Obama noted that “there’s only a handful of instances when there’s been any kind of filibuster of anybody for a cabinet position. And what seems to be happening is—and this has been happening more and more—that the Republican minority in the Senate seems to think that you need 60 votes for everything. Well that’s not the rule.

NBC also showed a clip of John McCain explaining that Hagel was blocked for being “disagreeable,” while he was in the senate. McCain has been leading the charge to mess with the Hagel confirmation. Someone ought to ask him if he blocked Hagel for the manner in which Hagel disagreed with the Iraq War. Small indeed.

I also learned that NBC anchor Mika Brzezinski is hilarious. She deadpans along with Scarborough’s sarcasm, and sneaks in a throwaway line about Washington being a “permanent port-a-potty.”


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