Haiti Officials Say Cholera Deaths Now Above 1,000


The Haitian health ministry said the number of people who had received hospital treatment for the disease had risen to nearly 16,800.

Meanwhile, United Nations peacekeepers have stepped up security after violent protests on Monday left two Haitians dead.

At least one of the men was shot dead by the UN peacekeepers.

The ministry said the number of dead from cholera up to Sunday was 1,034, which was 117 higher than the last official figure announced two days ago.

The number of those who had received hospital treatment had risen by about 2,150 since the previous update.

Cholera is now present in all 10 of Haiti's provinces.

The ministry said the worst-affected area remains the central province of Artibonite, where at least 629 people have died.

In Port-au-Prince - which was badly damaged by the earthquake in January - 38 deaths have been recorded, most of them in the slum district of Cite Soleil.

Some of the demonstrators accused peacekeepers from Nepal of introducing cholera to Haiti for the first time in a century.