Underwater And Undercover: Hamas Captures Alleged Israeli Dolphin Spy

Hamas naval divers claim they tracked and captured a dolphin sent by Israel as an armed and dangerous underwater spy.

Gone are the days when dolphins were peaceful yet adorable animals everyone loved and cherished. On Wednesday, Hamas captured a dolphin that it claims the Israeli army used as an armed spy.

Spy Dolphin

The aleged spy dolphin, equipped with a remote control camera and harpoon-shooting device, was spotted by Hamas weeks ago and was finally caught by Palestinian naval fighters.

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This is not the first time members of the animal kingdom have been accused of spying for Israel. Birds tagged with tracking devices and other surveillance equipment have been captured by Palestinians on several occasions. Two years ago, an Egyptian official claimed that sharks placed by Israel could be involved in tourist attacks in the Red Sea.

Hamas officials claim that Israel has been conducting espionage off the Gaza Strip through various means, including the captured dolphin. They believe the mammal was used to track the movements of its naval personnel or target operatives training at sea.

Although the Israeli navy has a fleet of dolphin class submarines, the report made it very clear that the captured spy was not a submarine, but a mammal.

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The location and condition of the animal is not known, and Israeli officials haven't commented.

Although spy dolphins seem improbable, United States has a fleet of dolphins and sea lions that have been used for spotting mines and underwater surveillance. The Naval Marine Mammal Program is based in San Diego and has run since the 1960s.

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