Hamas Leader: “The One Who Started The Violence Should End It”

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal called on Israel to cease its attacks on Gaza, saying that "the one who started the violence should end it." If peace is to happen in Gaza, Hamas wants Israel to initiate it.

Khaled Mashal, leader of the Palestinian group Hamas, described Israel as the aggressor in the bloody conflict between it and Hamas, and called on Israel to stop attacking Palestinians in the Gaza region.

There may be or may not be an agreement, but that is up to Israel. There are efforts by Qatar and Egypt, we are meeting with them every day. But we will not accept any Israeli conditions. If they want a ceasefire, let them stop attacking us. The one who started the violence should end it.

Mashal also said that Israel had asked Hamas for a cease fire, saying that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Netanyahu asked for calm and not us." Mashal’s view is that Israel can have a cease fire if it ceases firing missiles into Gaza.

Egypt has led peace talks in recent days. It will be the job of diplomats to move the conversation away from who started the conflict and towards how to end it.

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