Harvard Bans Relationships Between Professors and Undergrads

If you were thinking about trying to get with your hot professor, think again.

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Harvard has just banned professors from having relationships with undergraduate students in a previous policy which has been revised, according to USA Today.

In the past, professors were encouraged to avoid relationships with students as a means of professionalism, but it has never been outright forbidden-until now. Anna Cowenhoven, Harvard's director of communications, told USA Today that the previous cautionary measure has now been changed.

A statement issued by Harvard says the ban is to clearly state what an appropriate relationship is between students and their professors. Alison Johnson, a history professor who led the panel which revised the policy said that the students are there to learn and not to have sexual relationships with their teachers.

Other universities, such as Yale and UConn have also adapted similar policies but for different reasons, such as sexual harassment concerns.

However, graduate students can still have relationships with their professors, unless the student is studying under that professor. 

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