Can Water Be Harvested From The Air To Save The Environment

A California company hopes to reduce reduce waste and give employees a healthier working environment.

Is harvesting water literally out of thin air an option for companies who want to decrease their environmental impact?   

One Southern California company thinks so and is hoping to create a future with no throwaway plastic. They have a system created to reduce water delivery trucks, inconvenient bottle storage, contaminates from municipal water sources and wasteful filtration systems. 

Many companies want to run leaner and greener. Skywell thinks that looking at the water provided for employees is a good place to start. 

According to a report from Sustainable Brands, the average full-time employee drinks about 2.5 gallons of water per month at the office. That doesn't even include water used for making coffee or other drinks. 

Skywell has created atmospheric water-generator systems. that extracts water out of the air to reduce waste. 

This technology concept dates back to the Incas. However, the modern versions have not caught on because of the amount of energy needed, noisy systems and inability to adjust for different climates. 

Ron Dorfman, Skywell’s CEO and co-founder says, “We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from companies who have already installed our systems, and more companies are taking a look at us as they seek alternatives to bottled water while having concerns over their local municipal water supplies.”

Each unit takes about 24 hours to generate five gallons of water, meeting the daily water requirements for eight to 10 employees.

Less plastic, less cost and fresher water - it's a win-win-win. 

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