This Is How Having A Baby Gave This Woman Cancer

A mother was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer caused by pregnancy after giving birth to her third child.

A mother is now cancer free after a tumultuous battle that all started while she was pregnant with her third child.

Deborah Nabbs, 36, was near death just two months after welcoming her son, Lewis, to the world who is now almost two years old.

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Deborah Nabbs cancer

Soon after giving birth, Nabbs started passing abnormally large blood clots. When doctors began performing surgery to remove her placenta, they noticed she had a rare growth called “choriocarcinoma” where the cells in the placenta become cancerous.

Following the discovery of her condition, the news took a turn for the worst when she learned the cancer had spread to her lungs, Daily Mail reports.

“My whole world came crumbling down, but from the start I was determined to beat the disease for my family,” Nabbs reportedly said.

In the last year and a half, Nabbs has undergone intense treatment, surgeries, and chemotherapy.

Deborah Nabbs

Before she experienced hemorrhaging after giving birth to Lewis, Nabbs said her pregnancy was pretty standard. “I've always been healthy and my pregnancy was completely normal apart from being anemic and a bit more tired,” she said.

Nabbs reportedly said she had immense family support during her most trying times from her children’s father, her sisters and her mother.

“I'm now going to live my life to the full and make some incredible memories, I've realized how precious life is and I plan to make the most of it,” she said.

Staring in the face of death can really put things into perspective!

“There is little awareness of this disease so the condition can go undiagnosed even by health care professionals but once diagnosed the prognosis is almost always good and the disease is curable,” said Kam Singh, a lead clinical nurse specialist at the hospital where Nabbs was treated. 

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Although the disease is uncommon, it's frightening to think that bringing a bundle of joy into the world could trigger such a deadly reaction from the body! 

Nabb definitely showed strength and resilience to get through a strenuous battle that could have taken her away from her loved ones.

Truly inspirational! 

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