Watch The Scary Moment When Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts With Fury

You may want to stay clear of the Hawaii National Volcanoes Park for a while.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano eruption

Active volcanoes don't need much of an invitation to erupt with great fury. Just a wee bit of temptation could see it emit scary volumes of lava and poisonous gases.

This just happened in Hawaii where Kilauea volcano erupted with great fury after a crater wall collapsed and fell on top of it.

Footage released by the USGS’ Hawaiian Volcano Observatory shows the volcano erupting immediately after the the rocks collapse on top of it.

USGS geologist Janet Bab likened the accidental eruption to taking a hammer to the top of a champagne bottle and explained that it was caused by the softening of the crater wall due to gas emissions.

"You look at the bottle and you see the liquid, but you don't see the gas," she said. "There's a lot of gas in the lava. And so, when that rock fall hits the lava lake, it's like the moment you knock the top of the champagne bottle off and that gas is released and it hurls molten lava and rock fragments."

The lava lake below Kilauea volcano has been overflowing for weeks and the remainder of the crater wall is very brittle. Hence, experts believe more eruptions could follow in days or weeks to come.

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