Heartbreaking Video Features Syrian Mother Hugging Her Dead Children After Alleged Gas Attack (Video)

A very sad video of a mother saying farewell to her dead children is surfacing on the internet now.

The CBS video above features a Syrian mother hugging her dead children for the last time after an alleged attack with chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus took the lives of almost 1,400 people on Wednesday.

The heart breaking video shows her looking at them carefully, covering them up and then silently going away.

The last time a chemical attack was reported in Syria, it was in March when almost 25 people had lost their lives.  Then and this time again, both the sides involved in the civil war are blaming each other for the deaths. 

After looking at the distressing images of what appear to be civilian casualties, it doesn’t really matter who carried out the attack. Chemical warfare crosses a dangerous line. The disturbing photos of dead bodies at the hands of chemical weapons, including women and children, are a jarring indication that a line has been crossed.

The two-year conflict between the Syrian regime and rebel forces has already claimed at least, 93,000 lives and around five million Syrians have been forced to leave their homes and more than one million refugees are living under severe conditions in neighboring countries.


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