Heavy Metal Song About Anderson Cooper Calling Him The CNN Cyborg! (VIDEO)


None other than CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has inspired of all the things a heavy metal song by the Cryptic Murmurs!

Not only that they refer to Cooper as the ‘CNN cyborg!’

The lyrics of the song go something like this:

Anderson Cooper!
CNN Cyborg
Anderson Cooper!
CNN Superhuman

Usually has a stern look on his face,
Stands in the middle of hurricanes,
Often has trouble with 3D technology,
Rarely raises his voice.

Has never lost his composure...ever...not even once, (They got this right! Check this
video out!)
Can politely question absolutely anyone into telling the truth,
Has a very public crush on OJ Simpson,
And finds CNN sets extremely difficult to navigate.

Breathes fire to ward off enemies,
And he only reads in binary,
Stole his hair from the mane of Pegasus,
And he flys!

Anderson Cooper!
CNN Cyborg
Anderson Cooper!
CNN Superhuman
Anderson Cooper!

If you think the song is amazing, you better watch the video and see what the man himself has to say about it! 

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