Heavy Rains, Landslides Kill At Least 37 In Guatemala

Torrential rains and landslides in Guatemala have killed at least 37 people, and could claim as many as 100 lives, the country's emergency services agency said Sunday. In addition, it reported 30 people were injured and 23 were missing after heavy weekend rains caused hillsides to collapse. President Alvaro Colom declared a national emergency Saturday. He told reporters that authorities closed parts of the Inter-American Highway after rains washed out entire sections of the road and caused at least two accidents over the weekend. The first, near kilometer marker 82, claimed 12 lives when a bus was buried, according to Colom's office. Landslides also fell at kilometer marker 171, knocking a number of vehicles and a bus off the road. When nearby residents rushed to the scene to help, a second mudslide crashed down on the exact same spot, said the emergency agency.