Henry In The House: Woodward Book Sealed Gen. Jones' Fate

"When he got his hands on an advance copy of Bob Woodward's new book ""Obama's Wars"" before it hit stores and started reading it earlier this month, I'm told that White House National Security Adviser Jim Jones simply blew a gasket. Jones was so furious about his portrayal in the book that the retired four-star general told friends later that he promptly took the book and mailed it back to Woodward, as if to say the book wasn't worth the paper it was printed on, according to a close friend of his who spoke to me on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the national security adviser's private conversations. When I pressed a senior administration official on whether or not Jones did in fact put the book in a box and mail it back to Woodward, the official simply said no comment, refusing to confirm or deny the postal service protest. I spoke to Woodward several days ago, and he said he was not aware of Jones mailing the book back and was surprised to hear that Jones was so upset with his treatment in the book. But the senior administration official flatly confirmed the claims of the Jones friend I spoke to that the national security adviser -- justifiably or not -- is indeed livid with Woodward and the controversy complicated an already difficult relationship he had with key White House colleagues. ""Jones was quite unhappy with the Woodward book -- there's no question,"" said the senior administration official. ""He was quite unhappy with the way it attributed things to him. He was pretty stunned by what was in the book."""