Her Doctors Said She Was Cancer-Free, But Her Dog Knew Something Was Wrong

Maureen’s dog Max was usually a bundle of energy, but one day things changed. Max seemed to have lost his spark. Maureen thought that the end might be near for Max, but that’s not what was going on.

Dogs and humans formed an evolutionary team some eons ago. Dogs, with their superior smell and hearing, helped detect predator and prey. They assisted humans in hunting and defending their camps, and were rewarded with their meat scraps and relative safety. Today, in post-hunter-gatherer life, dogs and humans continue to have a symbiotic relationship. They provide emotional comfort to one another, and there is still some of the same security for food trade.

Modern biology is finding a new way to harness dogs’ exceptional sense of smell. They can detect decreases in blood sugar, cancer cells and undoubtedly much more with proper training.

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