Here’s A Brave Boy With Unconditional Love For His Little Brother

Meet 8-year-old Noah, who is truly an inspiration as his brother’s keeper.

Noah Aldrich says his 6-year-old brother Lucas is his best friend. Lucas has a rare genetic condition and cannot walk, talk or eat on his own.

The world got to know of the brave duo when Noah completed a mini-triathlon in Boise, Idaho, with Lucas as companion.

Due to his condition, Lucas’ life span may be shortened. But Noah is determined to make the most of whatever time Lucas has left by making sure his brother experiences life at its best. His decision to participate in the event with his brother as a companion was based on just that.

"[Most of] the time when I play sports he has to just watch. I just want to finish with Lucas," Noah told the local channel.

Noah made it through the course by pushing his brother in a jogging stroller for a part of it, then pulling the stroller behind his bike and even taking Lucas strapped to a harness through a 200-meter swim.

Here is the brave duo’s journey:

All we can say is, wow. Doesn’t that just beat it all?

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